Storage Tips

  • Get an early start! PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!
  • Take care. Be well rested, well fed, feeling alert, and find the JOYS in moving!
  • Prior to your move, take the time to organize and dispose of unnecessary items. 
  • Pack and wrap everything several days before the actual move and you won't run short on packing materials at the last minute. Pack your goods in groups of "same size boxes" to make stacking easier. Leave a small box open for last minute items.   
  • Plan your move for a date in the middle of the month and avoid the rush (with everyone else) on the first day and last day of the month.
  • Rent your storage unit several days before needed (we won't charge you!). You will know exactly where you are going and be able to give exact directions to movers, rent a truck for less time, and eliminate paying for wait time while you select a unit and complete paperwork. 
  • Reduce floor space usage. Stack items from floor to ceiling. Use bookcases, tables and appliances for stacking and to protect delicate items. 
  • If you hire movers, treat them well and you'll probably get that extra bit of service with a smile. Moving is strenuous and they could probably use a drink of water.
  • Did we mention "Get an early start!"?

In planning ahead, be sure to check out our storage units in San Francisco.